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Jan 06, 2011

100 things to watch in 2011: JWT

JWT Worldwide has issued its annual list of 100 things to watch in 2011, including e-book sharing, beer sommeliers, f-commerce and objectifying objects

100 things to watch in 2011: JWT

Ebook sharing: Some libraries in the US are allowing members to check out eBooks on their eReaders


JWT Worldwide has issued its annual list of 100 things to watch in 2011.

Many items on the list, which includes 3D printing, virtual mirrors and electronic profiling, are technology-centric. With regards to online, the list predicts a growth in Facebook commerce, apps beyond mobile and more social browsers.

“Many of the items on our list reflect broader shifts we’ve been tracking over the past few years, such as the evolution of the mobile phone into an ‘everything hub,’” says Ann Mack, director of trendspotting at JWT. “Others reflect counter-trends - for instance, to balance out our growing immersion in the digital world, people will increasingly embrace face-to-face gatherings and digital downtime.”

According to a release, the people on the list have the potential to "drive or shape trends in the near future".

Highlights from the list include:

Apps beyond mobile which sees web developers applying the principles of the mobile app culture to desktop computers. Apple is set to launch an app store for Macs in January this year.

Banner ads that do more including showcasing live video, letting users bookmark the ad for later viewing or act as a gateway to credit card-linked offers.

The digitally savvy Brazil as an e-leader with the world's highest Twitter penetration, PC penetration of 32 per cent, mobile subscriptions penetration of 86 per cent and its recent 2010 census conducted entirely paperless. 

A buy one, give one away strategy that makes a strong statement about the marketer and turns a purchase into more than a mere transaction.

Facebook alternatives including niche communities and DIY social networks and subsequent counter-moves from Mr. Zuckerberg's camp.

Group-manipulated pricing or group buying online. JWT predicts more inventive variations in 2011. The report refers to Uniqlo's 'Lucky counter' which saw the price of goods decrease in real time as more people opted in.

mHealth. Mobile health apps to change the way patients and physicians interact. Global opportunities in this market are valued at as much as US$60 billion plus The Bill & Melinda Gates Gates Foundation is currently funding research into mHealth.

The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). Enough said.

Scanning barcodes or QR codes with smartphones are being adopted everywhere from in-store communications and loyalty offers to information points and comics.  

YouTube the broadcaster expanding its role from a platform for video clips to a broadcasting channel.

In alphabetical order, here are 100 things to watch in 2011, according to JWT:

  1. 3D Printing
  2. Africa’s Middle Class
  3. Apps Beyond Mobile
  5. Auto Apps
  6. Automatic Check-Ins
  7. Bamboo
  8. Bank Branch Out
  9. Banner Ads Do More
  10. Beer Sommeliers
  11. Biomimicry
  12. Bjarke Ingels
  13. Brazil as E-Leader
  14. Breaking the Book
  15. Brigadeiro“
  16. Buy One, Give One Away”
  17. CAPTCHA Advertising
  18. Children’s E-Books
  19. Coming Clean with Green
  20. Costlier Cotton
  21. Culinary Calling Cards
  22. Decline of the Cash Register
  23. Deforestation Awareness
  24. Detroit
  25. Digital Downtime
  26. Digital Etiquette
  27. Digital Indoor Maps
  28. Digital Interventions
  29. East London Tech City
  30. E-Book Sharing
  31. Electronic Profiling
  32. Entrepreneurial Journalism
  33. Facebook Alternatives
  34. Fashion Fast-Forward
  35. F-Commerce
  36. Food, Ph.D.
  37. Gay-Centric Hotels
  38. Global Disease, Refocused
  39. Green Luxury Cars
  40. Group-Manipulated Pricing
  41. Heirloom Apples
  42. Home Energy Monitors
  43. Ignorance Is Bliss
  44. In the Flesh
  45. Jennifer Lawrence
  46. London Tourism
  47. Long-Form Content
  48. Matcha
  49. mHealth
  50. Michael Jackson Lives On
  51. Micro-Businesses
  52. Mobile Blogging
  53. Mobile Memes
  54. The Nail Polish Economy
  55. Nanobrewers
  56. Near Field Communication
  57. The New Mobility Industry
  58. New Nordic Cuisine
  59. Next-Generation Documentarians
  60. Neymar
  62. Objectifying Objects
  63. Odyssey Trackers
  64. Older Workforce
  65. The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)
  66. Pedro Lourenço
  67. Personal Taste Graphs
  68. Piers Morgan
  69. Pogo
  70. P-to-P Car Sharing
  71. Rooney Mara
  72. Rum
  73. Rye Rye
  74. Ryo Ishikawa
  75. Scanning Everything
  76. Self-Powering Devices
  77. Smart Lunchrooms
  78. Smart-Infrastructure Investment
  79. Smartphone Cameras Take Over
  80. Smoking on the Fringe
  81. Social Browsers Go Mainstream
  82. Social Networking Surveillance
  83. Social Objects
  84. Space Travel Goes Private
  85. Storied Products
  86. Stricter Green Building Standards
  87. Tablets for Tots
  88. Tap-to-Pay
  89. Tech Liaisons
  90. Tech-Enabled Throwbacks
  91. Temporary Tattoos Go High-End
  92. Tintin the Movie
  93. Transmedia Producers
  94. Tube-Free Toilet Paper
  95. Ukraine
  96. Urban Industrial Parks
  97. Video Calling
  98. Virtual Mirrors
  99. Voice-Activated Apps
  100. YouTube the Broadcaster

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