Yes Bank makes Gupta's every wish come true

Watch the films conceptualised by Cinemon Pictures here

Jun 20, 2022 09:39:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Yes Bank has rolled out a campaign titled ‘Karo har khwaish poori’ (make every wish come true) to highlight the financial solutions provided by the bank. 


Conceptualised by Cinemon Pictures, the films, through the life of a man named Gupta, tries to showcase how the brand aims to fulfil the needs and aspirations of customers in meeting their personal and business goals. 


The first film showcases Gupta picking up a toy car. The voice-over in the film asks the protagonist ‘if you want to drive your dream car, then why pick up a toy car?’ and highlights the perks of Yes Bank’s auto loan. 


The second film features Gupta, calling out to his wife, to take a selfie in their new home. However, the wife yells in reponse and asks him, ‘you have got your dream home, but what about my modular kitchen and Italian marble bathtub?’ The film ends with highlighting the rand's bGold Loan offers.


The third film explains how Gupta does not have to break his investments to buy his wife a new shop, but can avail of the loan with the 'securities service' of Yes Bank. 


The fourth film depicts Gupta trying his best to photoshop a cutout picture of his family onto an Eiffel Tour image. The voice-over in the film share that Yes Bank’s Personal Loans offer can also fulfill Gupta’s family vacation dream.


The fifth film showcases different members of Gupta’s family asking for a new room, while his wife demands her own balcony. The voiceover in the film tells Gupta that along with his dreams, he doesn’t need to put a hold on the dreams of his family. The film ends by highlighting the Home Loan offers provided by Yes Bank. 


The sixth film features Gupta planning out how he’ll fund his family's different business ventures. It shows how Gupta can use his house as an investment to fund different business projects. 


Rajan Pental, global head – retail banking, Yes Bank, said, “The campaign ‘Karo har khwaish poori’ showcases financial hurdles faced by an individual in their journey towards achieving their life goals through a relatable character named ‘Gupta ji’. The character represents the sentiments of a common man who usually suppresses his dreams due to insufficient funds and knowledge about the various financial solutions he can turn towards for achieving these dreams. Through this campaign, we have attempted to educate consumers on various hassle-free loan offerings that one can avail through the Bank to easily fulfil their needs.”  


Srija Barua, director, Cinemon Pictures, said, “Working on the campaign was a refreshing change and challenge. It allowed us to experiment with loans as a product and go deeper into the insight for when people need loans. From the insights, we were able to create the relatable world of ‘Gupta ji’, who finds himself in funny situations because of his financial hurdles. And that is how the ‘Gupta ji’ series was born, where our idea was not just to talk about the products but to point at a mindset that needs changing to lead a life of choices, desires, and ease. ‘Karo har khwaish poori’ beckons people to see life as a basket of choices and possibilities.”