When the furniture becomes the bridegroom

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Sep 17, 2019 11:52:00 AM | Video | Ad Nut

In India, arranged marriages are an effort at hard sell. In most cases, the family of the bride have to convince the groom's side about how their daughter is the perfect role model. This TVC for selling MDF (medium density fibreboard) titled "Rishta" is different. The piece of furniture created using MDF becomes the bridegroom. The story personifies VIR MDF as the bridegroom and demonstrates the benefits of the product to the prospective bride and her family. 
Ad Nut was patiently waiting till the end of the film for a human groom to emerge out of the woodwork. But the commercial ends with a rather crass joke about whether the furniture can withstand the power of a "bedbreaker". 
The second film "Staircase" directly addresses the scepticism of carpenters who mistake MDF as a non-durable and inflexible panel board. The film demonstrates the benefits of MDF directly through the ‘walk the talk’ approach, where a table that's being transported upstairs lands on top of the person who is carrying it. From bed-breaker to head-breaker! 
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