VIP packs some emotion into 'Life leke chal'

Watch the ad films conceptualised by McCann Erickson here

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VIP Industries had launched a campaign comprising three TVCs under the 'Life leke chal' tagline. The campaign is for VIP's range of lightweight bags. The ad films have been conceptualised by McCann Erickson.
The campaign will straddle TV, digital, radio (Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore) and cinemas.
One of the ad films (above) features a father returning home from a journey. His young son rushes to greet him and more so to drag back home the luggage to see if there's a gift in it for him. The boy opens the VIP suitcase only to find nothing in it for him; he's disappointed. The father shrugs apologetically but suddenly smiles and operates a remote control in his hand which causes a hovercraft emerging out of the suitcase. The son is overjoyed as the family can be seen having fun with the device. The film ends with a message, 'Jee bhar ke bharo emotions, kyunki hamare bags toh light hain hi' (Fill up emotions to your heart's content, as our bags are light in any case). The film signs off  'Life leke chal' tagline. 

Another film features a group of soldiers sitting around a small fire atop a snowy mountain army post. Another soldier comes in with his VIP bag and fetches a woolen cap and shawl from it, as his colleagues tease him about being pampered by his mother - apparently she has sent them to him. The film ends with the same message as in the above TVC.

Yet another film in the series portrays a small group of people huddled under an umbrella in the pouring rain as they eagerly open a VIP bag. Out comes a trophy much to everyone's glee, as the group props one of the men up on their shoulders in celebration (the one who has won the trophy, presumably) as he holds the VIP product up on his head to shield himself from the rain, demonstrating the bag's lightness. A girl, also part of the group, leads the party as she holds the trophy dancing to beats of a dhol. The film zooms out to show the location where a ship has just docked suggesting the trophy has been won overseas and brought back in a VIP bag.

Sudip Ghose, vice president-marketing, VIP Industries, commented, “Following the surge in sales and the immense positive feedback we got post the ‘Life leke chal’ campaign launched earlier this year, we decided to re-launch the campaign just before the onset of the festive season. With so many brands vying for the consumers’ attention during this period, we are confident that this highly addictive jingle will help us stand out and retain the customers’ attention.”

Prasoon Joshi, chairman - asia pacific, CEO and chief creative officer - India, McCann Erickson, added, “VIP is an iconic Indian brand which resides in the hearts of people, the whole team has kept this in mind while developing ‘Life leke chal’. I am happy that this communication has showcased VIP products range beautifully and people are humming the breezy music.”


Client: VIP Industries
VP - marketing: Sudip Ghose
Creative agency: McCann Erickson
Chairman (Apac), CCO and CEO India: Prasoon Joshi


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