Campaign India Team
Jan 13, 2011

VIDEO: From the Planner’s Table - BBH Asia's Charles Wigley

First in the series of Campaign India's monthly video feature 'From the Planner's Table', we bring you conversations with leading planners in the industry sharing their point of view on advertising and the industry in general. We begin this series with a conversation with Charles Wigley, Chairman, BBH Asia

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Starting this issue, Campaign India will be bringing you a monthly video feature on our website titled “From the Planner’s Table”, where we will feature conversations with leading planners of the industry.First in the series is a conversation with Charles Wigley, chairman, BBH Asia (pictured), who was in Mumbai recently and took time to talk to Campaign India on topics ranging from research, challenges posed by new media, whether clients actually care for planning and other such niceties. 

Talking about research, Wigley was of the view that the strategic process has become standardized across agencies and clients. “You look at most agencies’ briefing process, they’re very similar; you look at most clients’ marketing development processes, that’s very similar. It’s all about consumer insight.” Wigley believes what that approach fails to recognise is that many great communication strategies didn’t come from consumers. “Consumers didn’t tell Google or Apple what to do. If you look at some of the most energized and happening brands around the world, they’re not based on insight, but around brand mission, which then translates into the kinds of products and services they provide,” he said.

Watch the two-part interview below.