Campaign India Team
Oct 22, 2014

Tata Docomo strikes a caring pose, makes the case for 'sharing' with its data plans

Watch the ad film conceptualised by Contract Advertising here

Tata Docomo has launched an ad film for its data plan conceptualised by Contract Advertising.
The film features a young woman at what seems like a college campus, posing within a picture frame. Dressed in her best, she pulls her stomach in, puts on a model-esque pout and strikes poses -- in the hope that someone will notice and 'like' her stance. But people just walk past. A voice over narrating the story of the 'social butterfly' says there was a time when her single LOL would shake up social networks, but now her famous pout is possibly in doubt. Unperturbed, she keeps altering her poses until a boy comes around showing her the thumbs up sign, making her day. The voice over states that only a human can help another when needed -- even if it is for something like appreciating a social networking profile picture. The film ends with a message 'Chalu rakho bhalai ki supply' (Keep the supply of betterment going) before showcasing its data plan.
Client: Tata Docomo
Creative agency: Contract Advertising
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