Tata Docomo opens services up to consumers, with slices of life

Watch the ad films created by Draftfcb-Ulka here

Dec 13, 2013 03:14:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team Share - Share to Facebook

Building on its 'Open up' platform, Tata Docomo has launched a campaign highlighting services on offer. The TVCs created by Draftfcb-Ulka went on air from October, with the latest one titled ‘Lizard’ going on air last week.

The film shows a young boy in a towel rushing out of the bathroom screaming, “Papa, papa...” His father, surprised at his behaviour, walks into the bathroom to check what has happened. Soon, he is seen rushing out in a similar fashion screaming, “Mummy, mummy...” The voice over says, “Open up to your deepest fears. Share @20 paise/minute.”

Another film features a man and woman in a cinema. The man cries as he watches an emotional scene showing a mother upset at her son deserting her. The lady seated beside him offers him a tissue and tries to comfort him, while he weeps profusely. The voice over says, “Roko na khud ko. Open Up. Share karo sab social networking plan ke saath.”

Titled ‘sorry’, another film shows a domestic helper chopping vegetables on a board with great force and noise. While doing so, she glares angrily at the lady of the house who is reading and is seated at a table a little distance away. Her boss senses the helper’s anger and says, “It was my mistake. I am sorry.” The helper cools down instantly, smiles and starts chopping normally. The voice over explains, “Open up to settling differences. Talk it out @just 20 paise per minute.”

A film titled ‘tinda’ features a newly married couple having a meal with family members. On being served the vegetable tinda (apple gourd), the bride announces that she does not like it. A stony silence befalls the room with others staring at her. To break the uncomfortable silence, her father-in-law chips  in that even he does not like eating ‘tinda’ before going back to eating quietly. The young lady smiles at the support coming in from the unlikely quarters.

The voice over signs off saying, “Open up to honesty. Speak up @just 20 paise per minute.”

Vasudha Misra, senior creative director, Draftfcb-Ulka, said, “Today, communication is not just about sharing pictures, sharing music, sharing thoughts. It’s about sharing who we really are. Our light side, our mad side. Our tender side. And this is what the 'Open Up' campaign aims to bring alive. Part of the ongoing campaign, these commercials showcase moments and acts of opening up in our everyday life."


Client: Tata Docomo
Creative agency: Draftfcb-Ulka
NCD: KS Chakravarthy
Senior CD: Vasudha Misra