Supertails encourages pet parents to stay loyal to their new year resolutions

Watch the film conceptualised by the in-house team here

Jan 04, 2022 11:55:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Supertails has rolled out a film urging humans to keep up with their new year resolutions through a pet dog's narration and develop a special bond with their furry friends. 
Conceptualised by the in-house team, the film features Max narrating how his owner makes promises every new year and fails to keep up with them. 
The film aims to drive home the point that pets understand humans, with Max calling out all dogs to help their parents during the year-end when the human urge kicks in to set unrealistic goals and change their lives. 
Varun Sadana, co-founder, Supertails, said, “Pet adoption rates have been consistently increasing over the last few years. But a recent study led by Mars Petcare, and other experts, shows that 50% of Indian pet parents have admitted to relinquishing a pet. While we work on creating new products and services to make India a pet friendlier country, it is only with attention and quality time that one can build a bond with their pets. The love of a pet is unmatched, this is our call to give yourself a real chance at feeling it.”