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Nov 20, 2013

Softer Cadbury 5 Star clicks with humour, says ‘No Hard Fillings’

Watch the campaign conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather

Cadbury India has launched a digital campaign to establish the new and softer version of the Cadbury 5 Star launched in August, following the television campaign featuring the Ramesh-Suresh duo. The digital campaign comprises of 10 films created by Ogilvy & Mather that were released over a period of two weeks starting 23 October.

Each of the films feature two characters, played by inanimate objects, talking to each other. One of them offers a Cadbury 5 Star to the other by way of an apology or consolation at the end, with the comment, ‘No hard fillings’.

A film titled ‘Aloo and karela’ features two vegetables – a potato and a bitter gourd. The peeled potato recites the menu for the day, rattling off names of dishes featuring potato as the key ingredient: “Aloo zeera, dum aloo, aloo pahadi, aloo chaat…” The bitter gourd starts sobbing. To console the bitter gourd, the potato says the bitter gourd dishes would follow, but to no avail. Finally, the potato offers the bitter gourd a bar of 5 Star and says, “No hard fillings.”

The other films feature such interesting duos, reflected in their titles: ‘Toaster and burnt toast’, ‘Petrol and wallet’, ‘Two paintings in a gallery’, ‘Coconut and brain’, ‘Nail and a bicycle tyre’, ‘Cricket ball and a porcelain statue’, ‘Pair of briefs and stained shirt’, ‘the 0 Key and volume key on a keyboard’ and ‘Pants and a pair of scissors.’

On the objective of the campaign, Amarpreet Anand, AVP, chocolate - gifting and strategy, Cadbury India, said, “Cadbury 5 Star had undergone a major product renovation in the past year. One of the key highlights of this improved recipe was the ‘softer’ texture. A ‘soft and chewy product’ are the major drivers of consumer preference for this sub-category of chocolates. Further, disruption was the key task for the medium and the endeavor was to surprise the audience with something cheeky, which would truly be memorable and engaging. Our agency came up with the idea of multiple videos about inanimate objects conveying their feeling with the help of the softer Cadbury 5 Star bar and the golden words ‘No Hard Fillings’.”

On the use of digital medium, he said, “Given our TG and the success of our past digital campaigns, we wanted to communicate the softer product attribute digitally in a truly unique manner. We have had a great experience in the past with our digital campaign and it has been observed that the digital audience is very receptive to the quirky sense of humour that the brand has. The medium was leveraged as a thought multiplier and all our communication was under the umbrella of #nohardfillings. The creative hook delivers on the dual objective of conveying product attribute in a uniquely manner.”











Client: Cadbury India (Mondelez)
Creative agency: Ogilvy & Mather
NCD: Abhijit Avasthi

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