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Jun 03, 2014

Rotary International celebrates ‘Saving Little Hearts’

Watch the film conceptualised by JWT Kolkata here

Rotary International with its ‘Saving Little Hearts’ has successfully undertaken 5,000 heart surgeries for underprivileged children across the country. To mark the occasion, it has launched a campaign. The ad has been created by JWT Kolkata with animation support from Eeksaurus. The TVC was launched on 29 May.
The animated film, following the previous campaign that featured palms, shows a young girl in a hospital bed as she tries to sit up with much effort. On trying to move, she finds herself being bound by lines originating from the ceiling (palm). She, sadly, falls back to bed when she spots a swing on another palm. Seeing the swing, she breaks free from the lines holding her back. Just as she does this, the lines that form the hospital bed disappear. She uses a line that’s hanging loose as a tethered rope to swing to the palm with the swing. She reaches her destination and swings away happily. The palms come close with the bigger hand carefully clasping the smaller and the ad ends with a super reading: ‘When we join hands miracles happen’.
A C Peter, India national coordinator - Gift of Life Program, Rotary International, said, “‘Saving Little Hearts’ was designed and formulated to ease the suffering and give a normal life to children suffering from congenital heart diseases. There are thousands of children who are in need of immediate heart surgery to stay alive. Unfortunately, most of these cases are among those children who are below the poverty line and cannot avail of these expensive surgeries. Through the efforts of Rotary International, today, after three years, we have been successful in completing 5,000 heart surgeries and aim to continue doing so through joint efforts.”
Senthil Kumar, national creative director, JWT, said, “Rotary International came to us with the idea to reach out to the maximum number of people in India as well as communicate the efforts of Rotary International. The campaign detailing India’s achievement as being polio free was a huge success. We wanted to thus apply the same idea to this campaign as well as it is all about touching the strings of a person’s heart to bring people to work together.”
Client: Rotary International 
Creative agency : JWT Kolkata
National creative director: Senthil Kumar
VP and senior creative director: Arjun Mukherjee
Senior vice president: Raji Ramaswamy
Production house: Eeksaurus
Director: Suresh Eriyat
Producer: Nilima Eriyat
Executive producer: Mehernosh Dastoor
Music: Rajat Dholakia
Voiceover: Amitabh Bachchan
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