Campaign India Team
Apr 11, 2022

Rohan Joshi exposes The Whole Truth about healthy eating

Watch the film here

The Whole Truth has released a campaign 'Healthy Food vs The Whole Truth' to educate consumers about the ways in which they’re fooled by the laundry list of ingredients that are supposedly added to health-focused products in the market. The film aims to expose the ways in which food manufacturers deceive consumers under the guise of clean ingredients. 
The film features the brand’s founder and CEO, Shashank Mehta and comedian Rohan Joshi. Mehta plays the role of The Whole Truth, while Joshi plays a food scientist. Mehta keeps asking Joshi how other brands’ protein bars stay intact, while his keep breaking. Joshi reveals the real dangerous ingredients that go into making of other healthy products, but also tells Mehta not to call the ingredients what they actually are, so as to mislead consumers into believing that what the eat is actually clean. 
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