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How does one stay productive whilst bringing home to work?

Jul 03, 2018 09:06:00 AM | Video | Partner Content

Every entrepreneur starts a business with a dream, most of whom mostly do business because they are passionate about their vision. On this journey, there inevitably comes a time when they will look to move out of their makeshift basement and set up shop in a professional office. The twist is – how does one stay productive whilst bringing home to work? We take WeWork into perspective on how they see things around.
Any young business can testify to the fact that office infrastructure in metropolitan cities is a burner. On the other hand, a large multinational is on the look-out for an innovative setup thriving with the right kind of talent. You cannot cut costs while also compromising on your comfort level doing what you love. And respectively, one cannot take the plunge into something that is not aligned to their business ethos.
It is 2018. People want dynamic, well-equipped, collaborative workspaces while at the same time, spending time with their co-workers, growing together. After all, it would not be a ‘collaborative’ space should we minus the vision to empower businesses to connect, feel open, and grow hand-in-hand.
WeWork’s facilities boast of workspace solutions that include hot desks for freelancers, private offices for medium enterprises and start-ups, and entirely custom-designed buildings for the larger corporate clients. However, at the same time, WeWork’s community goes beyond infrastructure and office printers. Without a shadow of a doubt, one who has been at an installation by WeWork will admit that being a part of the collaborative workspace motivates entrepreneurs to focus their originality on building businesses. This is their way of saying that they are dedicated to humanizing work by thinking creatively about how people feel and how an environment impacts the growth of a company.
The underlying principles behind WeWork’s collaborative workspaces indicate a vision to empower businesses to believe that everything is possible. WeWork’s first-ever marketing campaign in India is an exciting move towards building a culture of collaborative workspaces.
In this regard, Karan Virwani, the CWeO of WeWork India said, “We are excited to launch our first WeWork National Campaign in India that reflects who we are as a brand and what we offer. As WeWork continues making a mark in reimagining your office environment, the campaign will prove to be a game changer locally by showcasing our unique ‘we’ culture and how WeWork will reinvent your work and everyday life.”
Ultimately, the point is to provide the business community with a thriving work environment that meets state-of-the-art requirements over making business deals at the nearest Starbucks. WeWork offers budding entrepreneurs and large corporations alike a convenient place to work by leasing collaborative workspaces that are streamlined and allow you to dedicate yourself to being productive and innovative, in their comfort zone.