Ogilvy comes up with a ‘twisted’ idea for Bingo Tedhe Medhe

WATCH the TVC created by Ogilvy Bangalore


Bingo unveils a new TVC for its new product Tedhe Medhe, twisted sticks that are differently shaped from each other. The commercial has been developed by Ogilvy Bangalore. 
Commenting on the thought behind the campaign, Arkadyuti Basu, senior creative director, Ogilvy & Mather – Bangalore said, “When it comes to Bingo, the communication has to continue with the same tone and manner of madness as well as humour. For each specific product of Bingo, the ideas always have to come from the product features. In this case, we looked at the product where every piece was an irregularly shaped twisted stick and so the idea came out of that.”
The TVC is set in a police station where a kidnapped child has been rescued. His mother arrives to take him back home. But before the child can leave, there is the small formality of matching the child to the identification photograph. Everything matches except one little detail: the stick of Tedhe Medhe in the child’s hand. And as can be expected of Indian bureaucracy, matters cannot proceed further unless the Tedhe Medhe matches too. Of course, this is impossible because when it comes to Tedhe Medhe, as no two sticks are alike.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Client: Bingo
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Bangalore
Creative Team: Arkadyuti Basu, Mukund Olety, Shekar Hebbale
Account Management: Tithi Ghosh, Asif Shakeel, Emily Chakraborty
Account Planning: Ramesh Kumar, Ajay Ravindran
Production House: Soda Films
Director: Rajesh Krishnan
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