Netflix takes on traditional Diwali ads, promotes 'ad free' feature

Watch the ad film conceptualised by The Glitch here

Oct 28, 2016 07:29:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Netflix India has rolled out an ad film ahead of Diwali. Conceptualised by The Glitch, it features director Anurag Kashyap.
It opens in a house. Kashyap is seen greeting his family. The film goes on to mock the traditional Diwali advertisements we see every year. The voice over says, 'Diwali, that special time of the year, where your whole family comes together in slow motion. You see it every year, in every ad.' Showing one character, who plays the father, it adds, 'Look at this guy. How many ads like these do you think he's acted in.' As the children take crackers from his lap and run, the man replies '137'. The film goes on to show the 'adorable little angels', 'the thoughtful husband' and 'the loving wife'. The film then shows the family together as Kashyap is taking a selfie. Kashyap then turns towards the camera and asks 'why are you still watching this ad'. The voice over continues 'Diwali ads may never change, but your entertainment certainly can. Netflix. Watch great stories, uninterrupted and ad-free.'   

The film was published on 26 October 2016.