helps job seekers land a job that works for them

Watch the films conceptualised in-house here

Jul 21, 2022 11:53:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team has rolled out a campaign titled ‘#MyKindaNaukri’ to highlight the features available on the job search platform. 
Conceptualised by’s in-house team, the film aims to communicate the trends of a new-age job seeker's concept of an ideal work environment. 
The first film ‘let jobs chase you’ features two co-workers. One of them keeps getting calls for a new job. Be it in an ongoing meeting, at the cafeteria, or his office desk. The other co-worker intrigued by the number of calls his colleague is getting for job offers asks him how many places he has sent his CV. He tells him that he just had to make a profile on and the jobs kept pouring in. 
The second film ‘flopchain’ showcases a board room meeting. One of the employees pitches an idea that involves blockchain technology to solve a challenge. However, the manager conducting the meeting tags the idea as a fad and encourages others in the meeting to do the same. The film ends with the narrator saying, ‘want a job that’s future forward?’ and highlights the job offers available on 
The third film ‘find a job that is flexible on’ features an employee asking his boss if he can WFH (work from home) to which his boss tells him ‘why don’t you WFO (work from office), the office is just like your home and your colleagues are your family’. This film highlights the flexible jobs available on the job-seeking platform. 

Sumeet Singh, chief marketing officer,, said, " has been consistently working towards helping job seekers find their preferred jobs and reach their professional goals. Our latest campaign #MyKindaNaukri is an extension to that effort as it addresses the evolved motivations of jobseekers and how can help them land the right job from over five lakh job postings on the platform with easy filters to find the perfect fit.”