Micromax Canvas 5 woos the #AndGeneration

Watch the ad film here

Dec 01, 2015 10:20:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Micromax Informatics has rolled out an ad film for its recently launched Canvas 5 phone. The film has been conceputalised internally. 
The film targets the #AndGeneration, portrayed as one that is always looking for more.
A young man, with headphones off his ears, listens to a street band playing. He says, 'And add some soul to it', leaving the band surprised. Next up on the list is a young woman who asks for fries with her samosa. A young man lazing with his friends before the TV makes the case for a fourth idiot, in a reference to the movie ‘Three Idiots’. A young woman waiting to enter a night club with her date, who is posing and taking selfies, says she wishes he wasn't so slow and compares him to a ‘16 kbps always buffering' connection. Another girl tries out a dress, wondering if it should have had some frills. Her friend observes that it should have been two inches shorter too. The protagonists do not even spare luxury cars. A young man stands next to a Mercedes and says it should 'totally have a sun roof'. The voice over then introduces the features of the phone and shows how it is suitable for the #AndGeneration. The film ends with two blokes viewing the Taj Mahal in person. While one of them says it should have had a purple dome, the other adds his wish: “Wi-Fi”. The film goes on to reveal the features of the phone.
Shubhajit Sen, CMO, Micromax Informatics, said, "Micromax has always been a frontrunner when it comes to breaking barriers with our innovative product offerings for the new age consumers. The new 4G-enabled Canvas 5 smartphone, with its best in class features, is a game changer in the smartphone space targeting those who don’t want to compromise and are keen to experience the new levels of multi-tasking and superb performance. Taking this ahead, our campaign is aimed at targeting the same socially active youth or the ‘AND Generation’ who wants to maintain a fine balance between entertainment, productivity and connectivity. This campaign will further enable us to upgrade the affordable smartphone users in the 6k to 9k price range to our Canvas 5 smartphone at a unfathomable price of Rs. 11,999.”
Client: Micromax
Creative: In-house
Production house: Like Minded People