Medimix draws from life, underlines that there's 'nothing better than natural'

Watch the ad film conceptualised by Metal Communications here

Jan 28, 2016 10:55:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Medimix has rolled out a new TVC for its Glycerine range of soaps. The film has been conceptualised by Metal Communications.
The film captures people in everyday situations to establish how 'natural' is the better option.
It opens with a man walking through a parking lot to his car. As he opens the door, an animated green arm beckons, drawing his attention to a set of cycles parked nearby. He cycles along the streets, enjoying it every bit. The same arms reach out a young woman listening to music on her phone seated by a lake in a forest. Pulling away the earphones, they reveal to her the joy of sounds of nature, with the sights she was experiencing. Two kids on video games are drawn to a playground to kick a real football around. In another such scenario, a man on a treadmill is drawn to run by the beach. The last instance shows the arms drawing a lady shopper in a store to Medimix Glycerine, while the product is introduced on screen with the proposition: 'Nothing better than natural'.
Pradeep Cholayil, chairman and managing director, Cholayil, said, "The Medimix Glycerine variant is a product containing lakshadi oil and vegetable glycerine. This combination keeps your skin naturally conditioned and protected. The vegetable glycerine locks in moisture in the skin, making it soft, supple and balanced. A time-tested ayurvedic oil preparation – lakshadi oil – has nourishing, therapeutic and curative properties.The brief was to communicate these benefits in a creative way while showcasing the inherent naturalness of the product.”
Narayan Kumar, director and creative chief, Metal Communications, said, "The Medimix Glycerine campaign is practically a re-launch of the brand, what with the bold new graphics, a new tagline and new packaging. The film is a dramatisation of the tagline, 'Nothing better than natural'.  It seeks to reinforce the basic truth we all know – that ‘natural’ is almost always the better choice  in life. And Medimix, with its time-tested ayurvedic ingredients, is well and truly an intrinsic part of that world. Even the glycerine in Medimix Glycerine is natural, not synthetic. It protects and moisturises your skin in an entirely natural and effective manner. In finding the right mix of communication elements – information and entertainment – the production house, I am happy to say, has risen to the occasion."
Client: Cholayil
Brand manager: Subramaniam Venkataraman
Creative agency: Metal Communication 
Creative Chief: Narayan Kumar
Creative director:Cyrus Sahiar
Senior copywriter: Shivani Krishan
Copywriter: Nisha Kalra
Account management: Subhash Nambiar, Ninoshka Vaz, Manila Jain
Production house: Eeksaurus
Director: Suresh Eriyat
Executive producer: Nilima Eriyat
DOP: K U Mohanan
Music director: Rajat Dholakia
Music arranger: Rajesh Singh
Sound engineer: Arun Castro
Asst. sound engineer: Sanket Shetty
Voiceover artist:  Malaika Shenoy
Editor: Yaser Abbas
In house editor: Tintu K. Philip
Associate director: Paul Mathew
1st asst. director: Mohit Singh
2nd asst. director: Prajanya Shetty
In-house assistant director: Bargav Sridhar
Art director: Eldridge Rodrigues                                                                                                                                      
Line producer: Manish Sharma, Nitesh Khatavkar (Meterdown Productions)
Production manager: Ashish Modi (Meterdown Productions)
Production assistant: Dolly Sharma (Meterdown Productions)
Talent: Kshitij Gera, Sachi, Sanjay Gurbaxani, Shalini, Shub Saxena, Shresth Saxena, Pooja, Jingle
Colourist: Navin Shetty
Casting: Meera Unnikrishnan
Costume stylist: Harpreet Sawhney
Hair stylist: Mrinalini Mukherjee
Project lead: Anik Roy
Storyboard: Rajib Mandal
Concept art: Ranjit Mandal
3D animation: Anik Roy, Debajyoti Roychowdhury
Modelling: Aditya Raje, Keyur Patel
Texturing: Mohseen Hakim
Rigging: Vijay Rana
Lighting: Manoj Kamble, Vinod Shetty and team
Inhouse VFX Supervisor: Nilesh Dhore
Compositors: Nilesh Dhore, Mohammad Azeem  Vinod Shetty and team
FX and dynamics: Keyur Patel, Nilesh Dhore, Vinod Shetty and team
Rendering: Aditya Raje, Vijay Rana
Post production co-ordination: Jivan Gaikawad