Maruti Suzuki appeals to India's conscience, takes on apathy in plea for road safety

Watch the eight-film campaign conceptualised by Dentsu Creative Impact here

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Maruti Suzuki has rolled out an eight-film campaign that appeals to Indians to obey traffic rules for road safety. The films have been conceptualised by Dentsu Creative Impact.
Each of the films takes on one aspect of road safety. Featuring protagonists aware of what the consequences of breaking road rules could be, it questions why we still risk the safety of ourselves and others. 
One of the films (above) urges drivers to steer clear of the mobile phone while on the wheel. It features a man driving through busy streets. While doing so, he receives a call from his colleague. Asked if he will be late to work again, the driver replies confidently that he won't be late, but later gets subdued with his response and says there's a chance of him not reaching office at all. He says he may not even make it, as he's talking on the phone while driving. The voice over says, 'If we know it's wrong, why do we still do it?' A super makes the plea to not use the phone while driving, on behalf of India's largest car maker.
Another film has the message for bikers to steer clear of the footpath, through a rider doing just that. He says the worst possible thing that can is that one could kill someone and go to jail, ruining his future. 

Seat Belt


Drunk Driving


Lane Driving

Vinay Pant, AVP – marketing, Maruti Suzuki India, said, “It’s a hard-hitting campaign, rooted in on-road insights. Our desired impact would be that people are moved to think and reflect on their attitude. Intent is that every time people are breaking a traffic rule out of apathy, they should be reminded of these films, hopefully have a change of heart and start making the roads safer.”
Mahesh Rajoria, AVP, driving training, Maruti Suzuki India, said, “Being a leader in the Indian automotive industry, Maruti Suzuki, has always gone beyond providing people with mobility solutions. We always go an extra mile to ensure the well-being of our society. We believe that it is our responsibility to work towards making the Indian roads safer and our teams work tirelessly to spread awareness about safe driving and traffic regulations.”
Amit Wadhwa, branch head and SVP, Dentsu Creative Impact, added, “Since the start, the intention was to look out for new and unconventional ways to communicate a simple message of road safety. With a strong insight, we feel we can reach out to those who may not always break the rules because they want to, but because they are so used to it by now that it has become a part of them. And our honest effort, is to at least make them think before they act.”
Soumitra Karnik, NCD, Dentsu Creative Impact, said, “We believe in developing strong campaigns using consumer insights as a base, so that the message reaches the right segment. With the core insight of ‘If we know it’s wrong, why do we still do it?’, the expectation is to touch base with each individual.”
The films will run through the month of May on television, digital and cinema screens.
Client: Maruti Suzuki
Creative agency: Dentsu Creative Impact, Gurgaon
Branch head: Amit Wadhwa
National creative director: Soumitra Karnik
Creative: Deepak Singh, Sundar Iyer, Smriti Shadra, Vikash Kumar
Account management: Arvinderjit Singh, Asif Shakeel, Raghvendra Singh, Anushka Kapoor, Astha Jain
Account planning: Kartikeya Srivastava
Agency films team: Suprotim Day, Dawa Lama
Production house: Code Red Films
Director (film): Gajraj Rao
Producer: Subrat Ray


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