Campaign India Team
Apr 28, 2022

#LiveTheJoy of cherished memories through the lens of vivo

Watch the film conceptualised by Ogilvy here

Vivo has rolled out a campaign titled #LiveTheJoy to motivate consumers to create and capture their cherished moments of happiness. 
Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the campaign consists of a film that aims to communicates how one can find joy in every moment of their lives as long as they look at it from the right perspective. It depicts memorable instances like the moment an interesting looking shadow occurs to the craziness at the peak of a roller coaster ride. From the mundane exchange of messages to a grand public gesture of love and from sharing laughter with hundreds on stage to giggling to oneself while scrolling through social media. The film uses these snippets of joy to communicate the contrast between moments typically associated with happiness and those that bring about joy through the lens of vivo. 
Yogendra Sriramula, director, brand strategy, vivo India, said, “Aligned with our brand philosophy, we channel our efforts towards making our customers’ lives joyous with our superior and technologically advanced products. Today while coping with a fast-paced life, chasing social validation, materialism, and individualistic pursuits, we sometimes miss that we are blessed to be surrounded by an abundance of joy in our lives. To bridge this gap, we aim to use technology to bring people together, helping them find joy in the daily moments.” 
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