Kotak Mahindra Bank captures showers of prosperity in every corner, chips in with '6 per cent'

Watch the ad film conceptualised by Cartwheel Creative Consultancy here

Aug 11, 2016 04:57:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Kotak Mahindra Bank has rolled out an ad film to show the upbeat mood of the nation with the onset of the monsoons, and how the bank is playing its small part. The film, which brings together the bank's two large campaign planks – 'Kona Kona Kotak' and '6 per cent interest' –  has been conceptualised by Cartwheel Creative Consultancy.
Set to a new Kona Kona Kotak soundtrack, the film opens as a young woman and her father in Chandigarh watch a piano being lifted into their apartment in the rains. The daughter is delighted with the gift. In Mysuru, a man drives home his tractor from a dealer, with his entire family. The rain-drenched celebration is replete with prayers and flowers. In Baroda, the narrator reveals, a family is celebrating an extension of their house. A vehicle branded 'Kona Kona 6 per cent' reiterates the campaign message, before an auto rickshaw driver and his family in Nashik brave the rains to watch a 3D movie at a multiplex. The man soaks in the moment as his delighted wife and kids enjoy the movie. At a soccer field in Gangtok, parents let go of their young girl from the protection of an umbrella, as she runs to join other players at a coaching camp. Finally, in Chennai, a young working woman donates pizza with underprivileged children at a bus shelter, and joins them in a joyous dance in the downpour. The voice over says, "Desh ke kone kone main samriddhi ki barish baras rahi hai" (It's raining prosperity in every corner of the country).  
The film ends as a couple walk out of a Kotak Mahindra Bank branch, umbrella in hand, with the narrator signing off saying that with interest rates of 6 per cent, the bank too is becoming part of the celebrations. 
Karthi Marshan, senior EVP and head – group marketing, Kotak Mahindra Bank, said, “India is witnessing good monsoons this year after two consecutive dismal seasons. Good rains lead to positive sentiments, and we can feel the excitement at grassroot levels. Our new Kona Kona 6 per cent campaign captures this mood of cheer and optimism. Kona Kona 6 per cent is an extension of our Kona Kona Kotak and the recent 6 per cent campaigns. It emphasises how we are contributing to people’s prosperity with something as simple as higher returns on savings account, thereby enabling them to fulfill their aspirations. The campaign also showcases how different customer segments are benefiting from our wide range of products and services.”
D Ramakrishnan, CEO, Cartwheel Creative Consultancy, said, "After the overwhelming success of the Kona Kona Kotak campaign, the challenge was to find a worthy successor to it. One that connected the dots of Kotak's geographic spread, India's buoyant economy, and the 6 per cent story. The answer was to tap into India's annual obsession – the monsoon. The monsoon is a harbinger of prosperity and happiness. Its passage through the length and breadth of the country is avidly followed by everyone. Like in the earlier campaign, we decided to present Kotak as just a small part of this story – a contributor, not the architect." 
Besides TV, the campaign will straddle radio, outdoor and digital.