Campaign India Team
Jul 31, 2018

InstaReM adds the gloss to a dull birthday

Watch the ad film conceptualised by Lowfundwala Communications here

InstaReM, a fintech company that offers cross-border money transfer, has rolled out a campaign. Conceptualised by Lowfundwala Communications, the campaign consists of two films.
One of the film opens at a cake cutting. What starts off as a dull celebration between family members turns into a party thanks to the birthday boy's sister transferring money using the InstaReM ad.
Kashyap Swaroop, Lowfundwala Communications, said, “#DoMore, as the hashtag suggests, helps the users of Instrarem save money, hence do more with that money. Every action has intent behind it. to #DoMore in life is a typical Instarem user’s intent. We had to keep in mind that in the remittances space, customer loyalty is least expected due to multiple reasons, ranging from assurance to security to trust to savings. A typical FMCG product’s proposition is relatively easy to explain, which is why a plethora of emotion-driven routes can be explored to explain their propositions. In the non-banking financial sector, products are generally trickier to explain, since a lot of thought goes into the buyer’s decision. The film-series had several key communications, which we’ve integrated into stories through the lens of humour. The set and setting both assume the role of a character in our films, making the films funny, informative yet relatable.”
The first film in the campaign was released in May 2018. 
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