i-Know helps women know the right time to bring a baby into the world

Watch the film conceptualised by BBDO here

Jun 11, 2022 11:47:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Piramal Pharma’s consumer products division has rolled out a campaign titled ‘Are you trying on your best days?’ for its i-know product range, to educate women about the importance of knowing their ovulation days, while planning for a child.
Conceptualised by BBDO, the film showcases a woman’s journey toward pregnancy and how i-Know can be beneficial in the process of family planning. 
The first film features a husband and wife. The wife narrates how during pregnancy, family members are always giving suggestions and prescriptions. However, she shares how the journey towards pregnancy is lonely for women. The husband shares that they weren’t even aware of the concept of ovulation days. She reveals that while researching about ovulation days, she became aware about the i-know ovulation kit, which identifies the best days to try for a baby. 
The second film features a woman who shares that as soon as they planned to have a baby, she started to plan everything, right from her diet up to her work routine. She also planned the suitable days to try for a baby. The film ended by showcasing how the i-Know ovulation kit helped her again. 

Nitish Bajaj, CEO, Piramal Pharma, said, “The need for understanding the concept of ovulation for conception is underestimated. Through this campaign, our aim is to educate women who are on the juncture to start family planning and make this journey smooth for them. Our campaign will showcase the experiences of women and couples who are in a similar phase of their life and emphasise on the need to identify these best days to plan their baby.”