Hyundai Aura makes a father #Feelthepride for his son

Watch the film here

Jan 23, 2023 02:50:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team

Hyundai India has rolled out a campaign 'Feel the Pride' to introduce its new automobile 'Aura', and highlight its features.  
The film showcases a father talking about the expectations he had for his son. The film then goes on to show the son driving a Hyundai Aura and telling his wife, that his father always pushed him to the next level to help him achieve his goals.
The film goes back and forth between two scenes, one where the father is speaking about how proud he is of his son fulfilling all his wishes and another, where the son is in his car talking about the values he has learnt from his father. The film co-relates the significance the father thought his son by putting a spotlight on Aura's features. It ends with the son reaching home, meeting his father and handing him the keys to their first big car. The father hugs his son with pride.