Huggies interprets baby-talk for Mother’s Day, expresses their love for moms

Watch the film cocceptualised by Glitch here

May 11, 2016 11:15:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team Share - Share to Facebook

Diaper brand Huggies launched a film for Mother’s Day conceptualised by Glitch.
The film features a series of babies being ‘interviewed’. The supers display the questions, which range from ‘What is your mama’s real name?’ to ‘What does your mama like to do?’ The kids’ expressions are interpreted through supers as answers, enlisting the special things a mother does, like staying up all night with the child, being the only person who can find something the kid has lost, and so on.
The central message follows: ‘We may not always say it, but you mean the world to us,’ followed by the brand wishing a Happy Mother’s Day ‘from and the baby boys and baby girls’.