HTC launches global campaign

Watch the film conceptualised by Sapient Nitro here

Apr 08, 2015 08:21:00 AM | Video | Gurjit Degun

HTC has launched a global campaign to promote the new One M9 smartphone.
It is the first ad that Sapient Nitro has created for the brand since winning the EMEA business at the end of last year.
The two ads show people enjoying their life to the full in different scenarios, including an art gallery and on the way to watch a football game.
At the art gallery a group of people run in and pose next to statues taking selfies on the phone. In another scene a man travels to work on roller skates.
A voiceover at the end says, "You only get one life, live it."
Lee Williams led art direction and Edwards Copeland took charge of copywriting, with creative direction from Mark Hunter. The ads were directed by Truman & Cooper through Colonel Blimp.
Markus Breglec, the vice president of marketing and sponsorships at HTC Europe, said: "This is a great team effort with a result we’re really proud of.
"It’s all about celebrating the evolution of our award-winning HTC One franchise while keeping the benefits for the consumer at the centre of everything that we do."
The campaign will run on terrestrial and satellite TV, online, cinema, print and digital channels.
Mark Hunter, the executive creative director at SapientNitro, said: "HTC totally gets that these days people use their phones to show off, have fun and look cool. We tried to represent that."
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