Godrej showcases range of security solutions with fun stories, featuring fearless home owners and stunned thieves

Watch the TVCs created by JWT here

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Godrej Security Solutions (GSS) has announced the launch of a new national ad campaign. A series of films conceived by JWT went digital, before going on air this month. The campaign takes forward the 2012 thought of ‘Ab Musibat se Darna Kaisa’ (why get scared by troubles now).

All the ads feature two masked thieves trying to open a Godrej safe.

The film titled 'Why would a thief need a passport?' shows the helper of the house walking into a room to find the thieves trying to break the safe. He smiles and asks them, "Passport hai? To banwana padega, nahi to tum log Japan kaise jaaoge? " (Do you have passport. If not, you have to get it made otherwise how ill you go to Japan?). He reveals that the owner is in Japan, and the safe opens only with his finger print. The scene shifts to the owner and his wife enjoying their holiday in Japan wearing kimonos. The voiceover says, "Only your fingerprint can unlock it. Godrej e-bio.”

The film 'Even thieves hate telemarketers' shows the robbers trying to break a safe as the landline phone rings and one of them picks it up in haste. The telemarketer on the other side of the phone enquires if he needs a credit card, as the other thief looks on. As the thief refuses, he is asked, "Why, sir?” and the caller goes on to enumerate the qualities of credit card. The thief continues to refuse the offer, when the marketer adds, “Aadhe ghante se jo aap safe khlone ki koshish kar rahe hain, wo aap credit card se khol sakte hain" (The safe you have been trying to open since past half an hour, opens with a credit card). It is revealed that the call was placed by the owner of the house, from right outside the door. She laughs, hangs up and opens the door to see the two thieves, who look embarrassedly at each other. The voiceover announces, "Unlocks with your credit card. Godrej e-swipe."

In another TVC titled ‘Feed your goldfish with your phone’, we see a middle-aged man relaxing at a beach. He dials a number from his mobile phone, and says, “Arre accha hua tum ghar pe aa gaye. Jabse yahan aaya hoon tension mein hi hoon, mera ek kaam karoge please. Zara check karo gas off kiya hai ki nahi. Bedroom mein to goldfish hai na usko khaana daal dena – zyaada nahi, nahi jo marr jayegi. Aur ek cheez ka dhyaan rakhna – jaate samay darwaaza theek se band karna. Ok, bye.” (Good that you came home. I am in tension since I have come here. Please check if the gas is switched off. Feed the goldfish in bedroom, but do not overfeed, else it will die. And please shut the door carfully while leaving). On the other side are shown two thieves standing next to his safe box, looking surprised. The VO announces, “A safe that send you an SMS when attacked. Godrej Matrix with eyewall.”

The voiceover of all three films ends with “Ab musibat se darna kaisa”, and the super ‘Godrej Security Solutions’.

Explaining the insight that led to the development of this year’s campaign, Mehernosh Pithawalla, assistant VP - marketing, Godrej Security Solutions, said, “When we began our brand journey in 2010, consumers had a sense of denial but today they have evolved and are aware of the importance of security needs. However, they still believe that despite all preventive measures taken, threats cannot be completely eliminated. Also, our research revealed that while many consumers have heard of Godrej Safes, there is a lack of knowledge about the range of safes offered by GSS and how they can fit in their lives. Hence we decided to further dimensionalise control and give the consumers reasons to believe in this year’s campaign. The TVC was constructed in a manner that provided control of the situation to him in different situations. Keeping the brand communication codes intact, we decided to amplify the messaging by using a subtle dose of humor as this had worked wonderfully in the past.”

Tista Sen, NCD, JWT said, “Godrej Security Solutions has taken the proposition of keeping trouble at bay with a series of five new commercials with the tag line of ‘Ab musibat se darna kaisa’. In the ongoing saga of two lovable and likeable thieves, this series of films with its very understated humour underlines the critical message of security that never fails. Robbery in the Indian context is either Hollywood gizmos or the Bollywood over-the-top scenarios. This campaign is real with real life everyday people in situations we are familiar with. The thieves remain hoodwinked by superior technology from Godrej and the support cast adds to making the spots engaging and fun.”

GSS is undertaking a 360-degree approach to the campaign with major focus on TV. In addition, GSS plans to utilise social media and events for sales promotion to tap into a younger audience.


Advertising Agency: JWT
Creative team: Tista Sen, Nandita Chalam, Dipesh Kowarkar, Suyash Barve
Account management: Ashish Medhekar, Gautam N Roy, Gururaj Nabar
Account planning: Rajesh Mehta, Eldon D’ Cruz
Production house: Early Man Films
Director: Ayappa


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