Godrej enters the premium refrigerator segment with the launch of NXW

Watch the campaign conceptualised by J Walter Thompson

May 08, 2015 08:56:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Godrej has announced the launch of its latest brand NXW.
NXW will be a foray into the premium segment for Godrej as the company is looking to launch products across all categories. The NXW refrigerator is the first product line to launch, with prices ranging from Rs 52,000 to Rs 82,000. 
In comparison, Godrej’s current mass premium brand eon retails between Rs 24,000 and Rs 42,000.
Godrej’s NXW follows a human centric philosophy that looks to bring people together in the real world using technology. 
Kamal Nandi, business head and EVP, Godrej Appliances explained, “Our philosophy of innovation is human-centric design. The all new Godrej NXW Refrigerator is a leap in that direction and promises to be a revolution by bringing never seen before technology. We designed this refrigerator not just as a cooling device but as something that can bring people closer through food."
The launch will be accompanied by an integrated communications campaign. 
According to Ramesh Chembath, VP- marketing, Godrej appliances, Godrej will spend between 10 to 15 crores over the next nine months on television, digital and activation assignments. Over the next three years, Godrej is also looking at capturing 15 per cent of the market share in the premium segment for appliances.
The campaign has been conceptualised by J Walter Thompson and the first four TVCs will air on 9 May. The films see the return of the Sam and Meera, who once again play a central part of the communication. The campaign is a tongue in cheek jab at social media and talks about how Godrej technology can bring people together in the ‘real’ world.
One film begins at the house of Sam and Meera, where they have their friends over for a party. The film shows their real ‘social network’. A group of friends hanging out by a ‘wall’, sharing food rather than just pictures. As the video cycles through the party, a voice over talks about the NXW refrigerator being at the heart of the merriment, at the said party. The film goes on to showcase the new features of the product (which include customisable temperature control, motion sensors etc) as everyone at the party is seen interacting with the fridge. The film ends with Sam and Meera walking to the fridge as a voice over says, “Experience the real social network with the all new NXW from Godrej Eon.”

The second film begins with Sam’s friend standing in front of the NXW fridge, holding a few bottles of beer in his hand looking for a place to cool them. Sam walks up to him and tells him to remove Meera’s food and change a setting on the fridge to accommodate the beers. When Meera walks into the room and inquires about the boys are up to, Sam retorts saying that he is just showing off his wife’s cooking.

The third film shows the men play with the zonal lighting feature of the fridge. They are seen sliding their hand in and out of one shelf to see the motion sensing light feature of the fridge. The film ends with Meera walking away saying, 'Grow up boys.'

Meera is seen putting a bottle of wine in the dedicated wine racks in the beginning of the final film.  She over hears her friends talking about the right cooling temperature for wine and begins to play around with the temperature gauge for the rack (to match the temperatures being spoken about). Unfortunately, the friends aren’t able to come to a consensus, so after changing the temperature a few times, an annoyed Meera is seen walking away.
Client: Godrej
Creative agency: J Walter Thompson