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Oct 22, 2021

GM Fabrics is all about designing a comfortable abode

Watch the films conceptualised by Taproot Dentsu here

GM Fabrics has rolled out four TVC's, to promote the concept of comfortable home decor and how that translates into meaningful bonds at home. Conceptualised by Taproot Dentsu, the films highlight different moments of solace and spirited relationships at home. 
The first film 'Garima and Mogambo', showcases a young lady who is alone this festive season, celebrating diwali with her pet dog and creating her moments of joy. 
The second film 'Golden Moments', features a father and son duo, sitting on the sofa and having a cup of tea. The film shows them being distant at the onset, however, the son goes to grab his phone as he get's a notification and spills the tea on the sofa. The duo share a worried look and are afraid of what the mother would say if she saw the stain. After this incident, the father seamlessly wipes of the stain and they both laugh at their common worry. 
In the third film the 'Great Match', a lady is seen looking out for a curatin with a comfortable fabric cloth and a sample piece that she likes. Across the store, a man is shown holding the same sample piece and they both land up liking the same curatin and having a rendevous. 
The fourth film 'Good Morning', features a mother waking up early and drawing the curtains so that the sunlight dosen't wake her husband. She puts the bedsheet back on her kids so they sleep better and then goes to the door and stops the milkman before he rings the doorbell. She then sips her morning cup of tea with a book in hand, enjoying a much-deserved self-care moment with serenity. 
Gurvinder Singh, MD, GM Fabrics, said, “Our objective of getting into communication with the help of the strategic team at Taproot Dentsu was to imprint GM on peoples minds and hearts before we occupy a place in their homes. The campaign has brought out relationships that exist at home and has infused it seamlessly with GM giving it a richer and deeper connection with the product and brand.”
Purva Ummat, senior creative director, Taproot Dentsu, added, “We felt it was important to let people get familiar with the brand GM Fabrics. We came up with this sweet device of expanding `GM’ to resonate with the wonderful and joyous moments that a home represents. Each film in this campaign revolves around one such moment.”
Chief executive officer: Ayesha Ghosh
Chief strategy officer: Shashank Lanjekar
Senior creative director: Purva Ummat
Associate creative director (art and design): Rutul Mistry
Art director: Jyoti Patil
Art director: Nilesh Naik
Associate vice president, planning: Snigdha Bose
Vice president, account management: Amit Murthy
Group account manager: Zeba Shaikh
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