Jun 17, 2024

Father's Day 2024: Celebrating Super Dads with amazing campaigns

Here are five Father's Day 2024 campaigns that will warm your heart and honour the important roles that great dads can play in our lives.

As Father's Day 2024 is celebrated in India, it is the perfect moment to honor the superheroes in our lives. From guiding with wisdom to showering with unconditional love, fathers play an irreplaceable role. This year, extra special heartwarming Father’s Day campaigns are encouraged. Unique gifts, touching stories, and creative ideas can show just how much appreciation is felt for these Super Dads. Here’s to celebrating the strength, love, and dedication of all fathers across India.

Father’s Day Campaigns in India 2024

1.   Apollo Tyres (see video above)

Here’s to all the dads who navigate every journey with love and strength. The campaign showcases touching scenes of a dog owner exemplifying the spirit of fatherhood, caring for his beloved pet with the same dedication and attention as any parent. From prepping the car for a drive to ensuring the safety and comfort of his furry companion, the message highlights that paternal love extends beyond human relationships. In doing so, Apollo Tyres finds a fresh way to wish everyone a very happy Father’s Day.

2.   SBI

This Father’s Day, SBI Life Insurance honors fathers as ‘Life Mitra’—a friend, mentor, and financial guardian in their children’s lives. Through their digital film under #PapaHainNa, SBI Life showcases the pragmatic wisdom of fathers in navigating life’s challenges, emphasizing their pivotal role as caregivers and professional guides. The campaign resonates deeply with the spirit of Father’s Day 2024, portraying fathers not only as emotional anchors but also as skilled professionals capable of guiding their children through crises. It underscores the brand’s commitment to highlighting the multifaceted roles of fathers and the importance of insurance advisors in managing personal and professional challenges with finesse.

3.   Upstox 

Upstox, a wealth management platform, marks Father’s Day with its #FirstFinancialAdvisor campaign, spotlighting the enduring financial wisdom passed down from fathers to their children. The campaign video beautifully captures the evolving conversations between fathers and their children, illustrating the journey from childhood to adulthood. Initially, fathers impart simple lessons on money-saving to their young children, but as they grow older, the relationship matures into a supportive and guiding bond. This progression reflects the evolving financial guidance fathers provide, highlighting their crucial role in both our personal growth and financial education. This heartfelt Father’s Day campaign in 2024 underscores the profound influence of fathers in shaping our lives and financial acumen.

4.   Kotak Life - link 

For Father’s Day 2024, Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Company (Kotak Life) has launched a poignant digital film featuring Rajkummar Rao, their brand ambassador. The film pays tribute to the immeasurable essence of a father’s love, support, and inspiration in life. It explores the idea that while a father’s love may sometimes be perceived as tough, fathers consistently stand steadfast beside their children through every phase of life. Rajkummar Rao shares heartfelt moments with his father, celebrating him as his hero. This touching Father’s Day campaign for 2024 by Kotak Life beautifully captures the enduring support and inspiration that fathers provide.

5.   Zepto

Zepto commemorates Father’s Day with its heartwarming #JustSayIt campaign, urging individuals to openly express love and appreciation for their fathers. The campaign includes a touching video and special promotions across various social media platforms. In the lead-up to Father’s Day 2024, Zepto engages its audience with teaser posts and interactive content, generating anticipation with the hashtag #JustSayIt. Every Father’s Day order also includes a limited-edition gift bag, designed to ensure every dad feels valued and cherished.


In essence, Father’s Day isn’t just about celebrating dads; it’s about honoring their unwavering support, their sometimes tough but always loving guidance, and their endless desire for their children to achieve greatness. From heartfelt campaigns that capture these moments to humorous anecdotes that highlight their quirks, Father’s Day reminds us of the profound impact fathers have on our lives.

Whether it’s through a simple thumbs-up emoji, a loving hug, or a proud "maange more," dads leave an indelible mark that resonates far beyond a single day of celebration. They are mentors, heroes, and pillars of strength. So, this Father’s Day, let’s raise a toast to all the dads out there who inspire us to be our best selves every day.

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