eBay believes in partnering, not competing

Watch the film conceptualised by Clevertize here

Nov 24, 2022 09:57:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

eBay has launched a campaign titled ‘eBay. Export Ka Expert’ (eBay. The expert of export) to showcase the hurdles that exporters face in the market. Conceptualised by Clevertize, the film aims to solve the pain points of Indian exporters and highlight the solutions provided by eBay to overcome these challenges as a partner to the business.
The film opens at a yoga studio, with two acquaintances having a conversation while working out. One of the two is sharing his frustration about the challenges he is facing while doing cross-border export business.  He adds how other global marketplaces act as competitors and not partners - which impacts his business performance and overall success in global markets. A fellow member of the class overhears their conversation and introduces him to eBay, guaranteeing him that it won’t be his competitor, but only a genuine partner. 
Pavan Ponnappa, head of categories and marketing, eBay, said, “This campaign is a reiteration of our seller-first approach and enables Indian sellers to build a global export business on eBay. The eBay marketplace gives sellers access to 190 markets and the tools to market their products to millions of buyers across the globe. The campaign “Export ka Expert” illustrates the challenges faced by B2C sellers on other export marketplaces and how these pain points are solved for them on eBay. We continue to focus on being the partner of choice for sellers to build a profitable business while maintaining their peace of mind.”
Sagar Nidavani, founder, Clevertize, said, “The idea to pitch eBay as an ‘Export Ka Expert’ stems from how the brand has a single-minded focus on seller success. The communication is crafted after an in-depth study of the problems that the current exporters on other platforms are facing. Be it a lack of control over product pricing or competing with the in-house brands of the marketplace for business. eBay puts the seller first by helping them navigate the waters of export with their vast experience. Our objective through this campaign is to establish eBay as the preferred choice for exporters across the country.”