Cello looks to be the stress-buster for students ahead of the exam season

Watch the ad film conceptualised by J. Walter Thompson here

Feb 28, 2017 09:16:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team Share - Share to Facebook

Following the appointment of J. Walter Thompson to handle its creative mandate, Cello Pens has rolled out a campaign for its range of 'Exam Experts'. 
The film opens in a class where a boy has just received his question paper. As he's about to read the paper, his mother appears in the class room next to him. She asks him to read the question paper with great care before answering. Then, his sister appears and gives him a warning about his video game being confiscated if he doesn't score well. A friend then appears and taunts him, which adds to the pressure. With the help of the voice over, Cello's range of 'Exam Expert' pens are then revealed, as the stress-buster for those who are pressurised during examinations.  
Samarth Shrivastava, SVP and executive business director, J. Walter Thompson, Mumbai, said, “Exams come with their own pressures. You have competitive friends, concerned parents and a whole lot of well-wishers wanting you to perform at your best. Added to that is the society in our country which puts in so much emphasis on writing the exams well for success. Our client at BIC-Cello believes that through their writing instruments they must give students the finest writing experience in every way, ensuring top performance in all important exams. It's the one thing that takes the pressure off when the student puts pen to paper. And this forms the basis of our communication. We believe the entire theatrics around exam pressures has been captured through our communication while giving the RTB for Cello Exam Expert Range (Maxriter, Pinpoint & Technotip) performance on 'Comfortable Writing'.”
Tanveer Khan, CMO – BIC – Cello Indiam said, “The pressure of doing well in exams is around the corner and we all know how stressful and weirdly funny exam time can be. Cello Exam Expert campaign, like our campaigns in the past, uses humour to break the clutter. It reaches out to students in a fun and interesting way to boost their confidence. The campaign emphasis that people around you will say a lot of things but the key is not to feel the pressure. Take a deep breath, pick up your Cello pen and write your exam comfortably, and pressure free! We wish all our dear students across the country best of luck!”
Client: BIC-Cello India
Agency: JWT, Mumbai
CCO: Senthil Kumar
VP and ECD: Hanoz Mogrelia
Senior CD - art: Rithwick Raghunath
Senior CD - copy: Kashyap Joshi
Senior copywriter: Mrunal Naik
Art director: Brijesh Joshi
SVP: Samarth Shrivastava
AVP: Giridhar Bhat
Account director: Geetanjali Sharma
Senior account executive: Paritosh Daryani
 Account planning manager: Jeenal Patel
Production house: Milestone Productions
Director: Parag Kulkarni
Producer: Farid Khan