Catch Garam Masala promises undivided attention to food

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 Catch Salt and Spices has launched a new TVC for its offering ‘Catch Garam Masala’. Featuring the new tagline- "Khaney pe 100 per cent attention, Catch Garam masale se", the communication has been conceptualised by Everest Brand Solutions.

The film opens with actor Vidya Balan placing a dish on the table at her sister's house. However, the family members look at it and turn away disinterestedly, continuing with their tasks. The husband, while reading paper, serves himself on an inverted plate. The boy busy scoops up Legos instead of food. A young woman while talking on phone, reaches out and picks up a flower instead of food with the fork. The frustrated sister then tells Balan, “Ye to roz ka drama hai!” (this happens every day).  Balan advises her sister to use Catch Garam Masale to bring back their attention to food. Balan sprinkles it on a dish, and impresses everybody with the taste. She then smiles and hands over the Catch Garam Masala pack to her sister saying, "100 per cent Indian woman ka match, sirf Catch" The commercial ends with the VO and tagline:"Khaney pe 100 percent attention, Catch Garam masale se”.

OP Khanduja, associate business head, DS Spiceco Pvt. Ltd said, “Brand Catch has always served its customers with outstanding quality and range of products that enables them to connect with the brand. The new TVC relates to the day to day scenario of an Indian household and is conceptualized in a way so that a common man is able to relate to it. Catch has recently shifted its ATL strategy from umbrella branding to being product focused. This new TVC for Catch Garam Masala is second in its series after success of Catch Subzi Masala TVC. A series of more products focused Television commercials are in the pipeline.”

Rahul Jauhari, group chief creative officer, Everest Brand Solutions, said, “Our consistent efforts over the past few years have been to elevate Catch Spices from a being a spice brand to a partner and solution provider in the housewife’s life. So once again, in this campaign, we picked on a real issue that exists in numerous homes and linked it to the superiority of our spices. ”

The bigger edit of the TVC encapsulates all three situations, whereas, the smaller edits presents individual situations -with husband reading newspaper, a child playing Lego and a young woman working on a laptop. The script is cut across segment and connects well with audience as their own incidence. The smaller edits will be highlighting the quality feature that "khushbu se mahake har ek niwala".


Client: Catch Salt and Spices
Agency: Everest Brand Solutions
Servicing: Manish Thapliyal
Planning: Nandita Kaushik
Creative: Rumi Mitra
Creative Head: Samir Chonkar
Group Chief Creative Officer: Rahul Jauhari
Director: Pradeep Sarkar
Production house: Apocalypso films


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