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Sep 05, 2014

Cashkaro captures craving for discounts with humour

Watch the ad film conceptualised by Boring Brands here

Affiliate marketing (cashback and coupons) website has rolled out its first video campaign on YouTube. The first of three films was uploaded on the brand’s channel on 3 September. The films have been conceptualised by Boring Brands.
A young man at a temple is the protagonist of the first film. He prays ardently as the priest performs the puja. The smiling priest places the teeka (vermillion mark on the forehead). The young man points to an apple on the prayer plate and asks for the same too. The smiling priest gives it to him. As the young man nods his thanks and leaves, the priest’s smile is replaced by a look of surprise and disappointment. A beaming smile returns soon though, along with the young man, who reaches into his hat and drops Rs 10 as his offering on the prayer plate. As the priest turns to leave, the young man stops him, saying, “Cash back toh banta hai” (Cash back is a must) while picking up a coin from the plate. He leaves with a laugh, leaving the priest perplexed.’s logo and those of its brand partners show up as a voice over promises cash back and coupons everytime one shops on the site.
Swati Bhargava, co-founder, said, “While an increasing number of people are now shopping online in India, many of them are still to experience the benefits (and joy!) of getting cashback on any product they buy online. CashKaro is a young brand and our audience, majorly the youth, love both - a bargain and fun videos. A viral and visual medium like YouTube is the perfect medium to connect with them. These ads show the ubiquitous love for Cashback in a humorous way and convey that ‘Har cheez pe Cashback banta hai!’ You just need to come to CashKaro before shopping to get it. We hope our audience love our ads!”
Anshul Sushil, co-founder and CEO, Boring Brands, added,“As CashKaro is a pioneer in affiliate marketing, it was a key mandate for us to reinforce awareness about cashback being every customer’s right, while keeping the message light. CashKaro already has a well engaged audience on Facebook and we wanted to expand that reach with this campaign to ensure we are where our audience is - YouTube. Almost two-thirds of its viewers in India are under 35 years of age and are an emerging consumer pool. We picked ‘Cashback toh banta hai’ as a theme as we have seen how Indians love little bargains in shopping and added a creative drama to see how it works in the least expected scenarios. It’s been an enriching experience for our team.”
Agency: Boring Brands
Director (film):  Vinay Jaiswal
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