Burger King to help cooking bloopers by offering free Whoppers

Watch the film conceptualised by Famous Innovations here

May 27, 2020 05:45:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Burger King has rolled out an initiative titled #BailMeOutBK, which promises a free Whopper as a remedy for cooking failures 
Conceptualised by Famous Innovations, the initiative follows trends of the rise in cooking at home. Facebook and Google have both reported a significant spike in posts about conversations around and searches on cooking. This has led to countless cooking fails and disasters of first time chefs, who Burger King wants to reward.  
Tulika Rungta, business head, Famous Innovations, said, "With more and more people cooking at home, we were looking for a way to still play a role in consumers' lives and do it in a fun, Burger King way. This campaign is just a friendly reminder to all our consumers - particularly our young TG who may be cooking for the first time - that there is always a savior for them out there. Social media today is flooded by perfect posts of exotic food experiments, but what we don't see are the goof ups - the rotis burnt and pasta ruined and the cakes that didn't quite fluff up. This was our way of bringing to the fore a lighter, more authentic side of life in lockdown, and offer a solution - even as we all get a nice collective laugh out of it."