British Airways gives grandparents a cinema trip they will never forget

Watch the campaign by OgilvyOne for BA and Tourism Australia

Apr 08, 2014 01:46:00 PM | Video | Matthew Chapman

British Airways has launched another campaign building on its 'Visit Soon' proposition, reports Marketing Magazine UK.
This time, the airline, in association with Tourism Australia, connects grandparents in the UK with their granddaughter in Australia.
Three years ago Esme's family emigrated to start a new life in Australia, where Esme "loves everything" and has just one thing missing from her life. Her grandparents.
British Airways filmed Esme’s "amazing life" in Sydney and then tracked down her grandparents and invited them to the cinema one evening, where they were surprised with a film made just for them by their granddaughter and given free tickets to Australia.
Brands: British Airways and Tourism Australia
Agency: OgilvyOne
Creatives: Andy Davis and Jason Cascarina
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