Campaign India Team
May 31, 2022

AirAsia India invites flyers to #JoinTheFamily of rewards

Watch the film conceptualised by Wunderman Thompson here

AirAsia India has rolled out campaign titled ‘#JoinTheFamily’ to highlight the benefits of its NeuPass rewards program by Tata Neu. 
Conceptualised by Wunderman Thompson India, the campaign consists of three films that are based on the insight that being a part of a family is a rewarding experience. 
The first film ‘superhero’, shows a mother getting her son ready to go to school. As she opens the son's calender she sees a teacher's note that states that they are conducting a fancy dress competition. As they are already late, the whole family including the daughter, father, and grandmother find props to make a costume for the child. The film highlights how AirAsia rewards can be attained through each family member. 
The second film ‘fracture’, showcases a woman with a fracture on her leg. The protagonist is lying on the bed with her fractured leg propped up and scrolling through her phone. Her roommate sees this and thinks of making her room entertaining. Each roommate of the house gets something to the fractured women's room like a TV, comfortable pillows, fairy lights and so on to make the room relaxing and enjoyable. 
The third film ‘pocket money’, features a college boy looking at his wallet. He finds that he has less pocket money. The father looking at this scene of his son having less money hides a note in a file, his grandmother puts some money in an envelope for him with some ladoos in a mason jar whereas his mother keeps some money in a novel she’s reading. All the members of the family share the money hidden in the props to the college boy showcasing how the son redeemed rewards from each family member. 

Siddhartha Butalia, chief marketing officer, AirAsia  India, said, “The NeuPass rewards program affords us the unique opportunity to redefine loyalty from the commoditised and transactional nature of traditional frequent flyer programs where individuals are defined by numbers, to a seamless and fulfilling experience of recognition and reward in every interaction. The campaign resonates the essence of what being part of a  family is meant to be - a relationship of understanding, a feeling of fulfilment, and an experience  that is truly rewarding.” 
Priya Shivakumar, senior national creative director, Wunderman  Thompson, said, “We saw the launch of this unique rewards program and the wonderful benefits of becoming an Aviator with AirAsia India as an opportunity to communicate simple and endearing human stories with a touch of humour that brings alive the fact that close friends and family are the ones you can always count on. The campaign ties back seamlessly to the thought of redeeming rewards from each member of the family which was the idea we set out to deliver. By doing this, we not only elevated the conversation but also made it as  personal and fulfilling as the rewards.” 
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