Ageas Federal Life Insurance and Sachin Tendulkar encourage children to believe in their dreams

Watch the film conceptualised by VMLY&R here

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Ageas Federal Life Insurance has rolled out a campaign dreams featuring its brand ambassador cricketer Sachin Tendulkar to encourage children to nurture their pursuits at every stage of their life.
Conceptualised by VMLY&R, the film opens with a boy in his living room watching Tendulkar on TV telling viewers that ‘dreams do come true’. After viewing Tendulkar's message on TV, the boy illustrates a cartoon superhero who comes to life in the film as a VFX character. The character is a metaphor for the child’s dream. The film then goes on to show the VFX character making the child try different things like building a robot, playing cricket, and cooking. Finally, the film showcases Tendulkar at the boy's school signing his book and distributing it to students. The protagonist goes up to Tendulkar with his copy to get an autograph, and Tendulkar greets the VFX character. The child is surprised that Tendulkar can see the character (a metaphor for his dream). Tendulkar tells him that he had a dream before becoming a cricketer, and that’s why he can recognise the child’s dream. 
Karthik Raman, chief marketing officer, Ageas Federal Life Insurance, said, “Our organisational purpose is to empower people to live the life and lifestyle of their choice. As an insurance brand, we want to break the cycle of fear that parents tend to have about their child’s future. We want to empower parents with the tools and information to make the right financial decisions that will benefit their kids. Our latest campaign is a unique approach to take as an insurance company because it tells a heartfelt story of a young hopeful child and his vivid yet evolving dream.”
Raman added, “As kids grow up, their dreams keep changing. Even our legendary Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar had different dreams while growing up. Sometimes, he even dreamt of becoming a tennis player. The fact that a child’s dream keeps evolving is what makes financial planning even more crucial to navigate tough economic times and unforeseen circumstances.”
Agency: VMLY&R
Client: Ageas Federal Life Insurance
Chief creative officer: Mukund Olety
Executive creative director: Rajshekar Patil
Associate creative director (copy): Yash Modi
Associate creative director (art): Jitesh Raut
Copywriters: Rajshekar Patil, Mukund Olety, Anushree Kandalkar, Anushka Bose
Art directors: Harsh Vardhan, Siddhant Pawar
Executive vice president: Saurabh Mathur
Clients solutions director: Tejal Turakhia
Senior executive client solutions: Priyanka Baid
Production house: Seven Sunday Films 
Executive producer: Jimmy Singh 
Executive producer/founder: Rodney Louis Vincent
Film director: Aty Samadikun
Animation and VFX studio: FlyStudio Malaysia


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