Shephali Bhatt
Nov 05, 2011

Your weekend reading list

Indrajit Gupta, editor, Forbes India, is going to spend this weekend reading Neville Isdell's latest book on Coca-Cola

Your weekend reading list

This week we caught up with Indrajit Gupta (on twitter) and checked what is going to be his pick for the weekend. Gupta is planning to read 'Inside Coca-Cola: A CEO's Life Story of Building the World's Most Popular Brand'.


inside coca cola


The book is written by Neville Isdell (former chairman and chief executive officer, Coca-Cola) with David Beasley (a writer based in Atlanta).

Isdell was with Coca-Cola for over 30 years and he is known to have resuscitated the brand's tarnished image before retiring in 2009. With this book, he becomes the first chief executive officer of Coca-Cola to have written about the company's story thereby making it unique in its own stead. 

Over and above the unique content, this 272 pages thick book has eight pages of black-and-white photo insertions which might be equally interesting to look at.

Perhaps a line from the starred review of this book by Publishers Weekly may help you decide if this should be your pick of the weekend as well.

"Isdell's debut work is captivating and delightful, sure to simultaneously charm and enlighten about global business and leadership." - Publishers Weekly

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