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Feb 19, 2011

Your weekend reading list

W+K Delhi’s Dan Berkowitz suggests two books that everyone should read

Your weekend reading list

Dan Berkowitz, associate creative director, W+K Delhi recommends two books that he thinkseveryone should read, and says that he certainly couldn’t put them down.



Decoded – by Jay-Z

For anyone who is a fan of the man and his music this is a must read. For those of you who aren’t,the same applies.

Jay-Z is not only the world’s most successful MC, recently taking Elvis Presley’s record for mostnumber one records, but also an incredibly astute business man, a powerful creative force, andas is evident from this book, a highly intelligent and outstanding writer. Beautifully designed andwritten in a fresh format, Decoded is Jay’s autobiography told predominantly through the lyrics ofhis songs. He guides the reader through his life and career, turbulent times and larger life philosophyby decoding the meaning behind the lyrics and how they directly relate to a particular time in his life.Jay can now add author to his already amazing list of achievements.

The Filth – by Grant Morrison, Chris Weston, Gary Erskine

I’ve been a fan of graphic novels since I was a kid, and this book stands apart in terms of writingand art. A scary vision of a strange future, The Filth touches upon wild themes and concepts such asfractal realities, art affecting life, postmodern blurring of the fourth wall and the world as a single,living organism with humans as the cells that compose it. The book is part sci-fi, part thriller, partphilosophy and part comedy. A book that will have you stuck to your chair for the first read, andevery re-read after that.

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