Year-ender 2020: 'The ones that were prepared were the ones who sailed ahead' - Hrishikesh Kannan

We ask industry leaders for a learning from 2020 and one thing that they want from 2021

Dec 06, 2020 09:20:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Enough has been said about 2020. Campaign India is closing out the year by asking industry leaders about what has this different year taught them and what do they want from the year that comes up.
Here's what Hrishikesh Kannan (popularly known as Hrishi K), radio, podcast host and producer, had to say:
One learning from the magical year 2020?
The ones that were prepared were the ones who sailed ahead. That learning holds true both professionally and personally. Professionally - I already had a fully functional home studio with state of the art audio gear which I was using for voice overs - that became my 'work from home radio studio' and I was the first presenter in India to go on a full live broadcast from home the very day the lockdown hit. Personally - we had a second daughter a year ago who pretty much grew up with her father next to her every single day of this, her first year on this planet. Plus the lessons and memories I have gathered being a hands on dad to an infant would never have happened in such a comprehensive manner if I had been away working my usual 12-14 hour work days.
One thing you want from the year 2021?

Money and good health not only for my family and me but for the entire planet. We have taken a beating on the financial and health front in 2020 courtesy the pandemic, and really at a macro and micro level organisations and individuals need to get cracking on finding innovative new ways of creating wealth and staying healthy. Everything else must take a backseat now. So ahoy 2021! Lets generate wealth and health.

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