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Feb 21, 2018

WWF and Wild Studios invites agencies to make sustainability 'desirable' and 'sexy'

Top three entries will have concepts filmed and shown at Cannes Lions

WWF and Wild Studios invites agencies to make sustainability 'desirable' and 'sexy'
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Wild Studios (division of Natural History) have partnered to create 'Project Extraordinary'. 
Project Extraordinary calls out to agencies across the world to frame sustainability as 'desirable' and 'sexy' so that it can't be ignored by consumers. 
A statement from the companies says, "With experts estimating just 1 per cent of materials used to produce consumer goods are still in use six months after sale, we’re at crunch point. To have any significant impact, consumers globally need to start leading with their wallets. To do this, sustainability needs to be sexier."
Project Extraordinary's challenge for creative agencies around the world is to develop a short-form video concept and storyboard that demonstrates how sustainability is desirable and sexy.
The goal the project has is to make ≥50 per cent of their purchases based on sustainability as one of their top three decision triggers by 2020.
The top three entries will have their concepts filmed and shown at the Cannes Lions.
Entries close on 12 April. Winners will be notified on 27 April. 
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