Work from home diary: 'The lockdown has been a complete throwback to bachelor days'

The author speaks about the importance of boredom to creativity

Apr 16, 2020 10:01:00 AM | Article | Rahul Mathew

I’ve often been accused of bringing work home. But this virus has taken it to a whole new level, I’ve brought the whole office home. It’s like living in a cabin that has bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen. There’s no surface or corner I haven’t had a meeting from (yes, from there too).
But considering I am also the one who has to clean it, may have been better off moving into the cabin at office.
The lockdown has been a complete throwback to bachelor days. All actions and efforts around the house are optimised. The upper half of the wardrobe is more in demand than the lower half. I have a favourite spot and it has everything within reach. There’s panic if I don’t see eggs, bread and milk in my fridge. And alcohol is rationed like it were the last few days of the month.
While Covid-19 is the worst thing to have happened to the world, it’s also bringing out the best in many. My friend list seems to have gone from childhood buddies, classmates, colleagues and clients to chefs, artists, photographers, poets and musicians.
It has gotten me thinking about the importance of boredom to creativity. By living the overstimulated lives that we do, are we stifling our creativity, instead of stoking it? Maybe this is one of the many lessons for the industry to take away from this. Are we leaving enough time and space for our talent to get bored, every now and then? Or are we churning away at the talent they are and losing out on what they can be?
Ok, it’s time for my call from the kitchen. Stay home. Stay safe. And get bored.
(The author is national creative director, DDB Mudra Group.)