Mar 24, 2021

Where are gen Z and millennials sourcing Covid information?

Global study uncovers what sources young people are turning to for information about Covid-19, in an attempt to piece together how the misinformation crisis has spread

Where are gen Z and millennials sourcing Covid information?
According to a global study by Wunderman Thompson, University of Melbourne and Pollfish, in collaboration with the World Health Organisation, national newspapers, television and radio are the primary source of information related to Covid 19 for Gen Z and millennials. 
The survey covers 23,500 respondents aged 18 to 40 in 24 countries who were reached via their mobile devices between late October 2020 and early January 2021.
More findings:
Young people are overwhelmed by Covid-19 information, and more than half (52%) have stopped paying attention to pandemic-related news.
Trust is also a concern: 59.3% feel the media is not telling them everything, while 57.1% feel that their government is not giving the full picture on the pandemic.
Awareness of false news is high—59.1% of respondents were very aware that Covid-19 information on social media and messaging platforms could be false. However, despite the fact respondents said they check the validity of content they share (40.8% of respondents said they make sure that information is correct "all of the time" before sharing), when asked how they react to information they know is false, only one-quarter (24.4%) report the content. The majority (35.1%) choose to ignore content that they find out to be false.
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