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Aug 18, 2022

What will India look like 75 years later? (Part two)

We ask industry honchos to turn ‘Paul The Octopus’ and predict what the country will look like 150 years after its independence...

Ashish Khazanchi (left) and Cyrus Broacha
Ashish Khazanchi (left) and Cyrus Broacha
Campaign India released a print issue to celebrate India's 75th year of Independence. In this print issue, we asked industry heads to make outrageous predictions about what India would look like at 150 years. 
In part two of this series, read what Ashish Khazanchi, managing partner, Enormous Brands, and Cyrus Broacha, TV anchor, theatre personality, comedian, political satirist, columnist, podcaster and author, had to say:
Ashish Khazanchi
  • In 75 years, everyone will be an influencer. We will see an evolution of the current fragmentation and micro influencing to the level that you’ll not just be content with food influencers and fashion influencers, but more ultra specific influencers like veg jalfrezi influencers, boondi raita influencers and in fashion, white angavastram influencers or white angavastram with gold border influencers etc.
  • There’ll be very few in the entire society engaged in actual work and societally productive pursuits. The rest will all be continually clicking pictures of doodi and themselves. One could argue that we seem to be already there, but the future is likely to have more filters.
  • Data will play a big role in society and especially in marketing. You’ll have people’s breath patterns, ECGs, and kidney function levels, in addition to their purchase histories, but you’ll still be wondering, seventy five years on, why your campaigns aren’t working.
  • For all those working on this fabled client in the far outskirts of Delhi that I’ve only heard stories about, the changes in your film will most likely still be going on. But, you’ll feel tantalisingly closer to the finish line than ever before. Hope will keep you alive for 75 more years.
  • India would’ve made giant strides in the area of AI and neutral networks in the next seventy five years. You’d have the power of supercomputing quite literally on your fingertips. It’s possible though that now instead of your phone, you’d be carrying your held up finger to the far reaches of the terrace to get just one measly bar of Voda signal. Just when much will change in the next seventy five years in India, I’m so very glad that a lot will stay exactly the same. The sweet joy of being the slightly flawed people in a slightly crazy beautiful country called India.
Cyrus Broacha
  • The road construction in Mumbai will still be going on. I have figured out that there’s a plan to continue this forever. Even when a new government comes in, it will just change all the vendors and continue. This will be permanent. There’ll be enough eyesores when you travel over a long distance, say for example from Madh Island to South Mumbai.
  • India will play a World Cup in cricket where we play against India. We will be so dominant in cricket that we have two teams playing in a tournament.
  • We will be far more liberal 75 years later and so Ranveer Singh’s photographs will be considered national treasures. The people who filed an FIR against the photographs, apparently did so without even seeing it!
  • Our podcast will still be running even though I will be dead. I’ve requested IVM to retain the name Cyrus Says and even if someone called Arun Joshi will be hosting it, it will be called Cyrus Says. People won’t have an issue with the title having nothing to do with the show, because quite frankly, our show has nothing to do with anything!
  • Lastly, the construction work happening outside the chief minister’s office will be complete by then. It’s currently stopping me from entering my lane. They’ll finally get it right and my great-grandchild will be able to park in peace.

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