Weekend fun: Old Spice Mustafa wins duel against Fabio

WATCH all the viral ads in the Fabio-Mustafa faceoff and the final showdown

Weekend fun: Old Spice Mustafa wins duel against Fabio

The Old Spice hunk Isaiah Mustafa has triumphed over his battle with rival Fabio, in the brand's latest online instalment.

Last week, Mustafa and Fabio created 40 online ads as part of their battle to win the role of the Old Spice guy.

The latest ad, created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland, has been posted on the Old Spice YouTube channel.  

In "mano a mano" Mustafa breaks through a wall and threatens to punch Fabio so hard it will send him flying "through the air at such a velocity it will make skin fry like bacon and muscles explode".

Mustafa then decides to follow advice from Twitter user Geordo_S to take Fabio back in time to erase his desire to take over the Old Spice role, and then sends his rival to the moon.

The male grooming brand brought in new hunk Fabio in a series of viral ads last week to challenge to Mustafa for the Old Spice guy role.

WATCH all the viral ads:


Challenge Accepted



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