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Jun 29, 2022

We aim to instil the message of having a mentor that goes beyond career feedback: Rahul Karthikeyan

The chief marketing officer of Scaler, Rahul Karthikeyan, dives into the creative brief, strategy and impact expected from its newly launched campaign

We aim to instil the message of having a mentor that goes beyond career feedback: Rahul Karthikeyan

Ed-tech platform Scaler has rolled out a campaign intending to highlight the importance of mentorship and camaraderie in the journey of tech professionals. 


Conceptualised by Scaler’s in-house team, the film illustrates how building a productive and sustainable tech career involves much more than individual competence and effort.


The film showcases a real-life success story of a Scaler alumnus and the camaraderie between him and his mentor, which helps the learner secure his dream job post upskilling. 


With this film, Scaler intends to highlight the need for a close-knit community of learners, instructors, and mentors to ensure the holistic development of engineers across the country. 

Campaign India caught up with Rahul Karthikeyan, chief marketing officer, Scaler and InterviewBit to comprehend the creative insight behind the campaign, the impact expected and strategies implemented to get more consumers on the ed-tech platform. 


Edited excerpts:


What was the insight and creative brief on which the campaign was built on?


We had rolled out a our first brand campaign during the launch of Scaler titled #CreateImpact. We could not put out all of the brand messages we intended to. But we wanted to convey the proposition of skills over techniques and tech talent that is impact-driven. 


View the films here:

However, there was a requirement of highlighting the message of what the brand does and that narrative needed to be built. While we did the umbrella branding it was important to break it down and speak about the products and services that Scaler has to offer. When we were researching the impact of our learners we realised that most of them who got strong outcomes have always reached out to their mentors to express their gratitude. That is a beautiful essence that we wanted to build on and integrate into our ad campaign. 


We wanted to showcase the narrative of a student and mentor and highlight the message of the importance of not just having career feedback but a mentor for life as well. 


What is the marketing split of the campaign?


We are still a new-age brand. Any new formats that are unique and new for us grab our attention. This is the first time we will be getting into the cricketing space. There have been a lot of ed-tech players that have already followed this route of aligning themselves with the cricketing ecosystem. But it is also 70% of our TG. Thus cricket becomes an overall base for our campaign. 


The upcoming India vs England series is already gaining a lot of attraction in regards to who will take home the trophy on the final day. Thus, we feel this is an ideal time to be aligning our brand with the sport. 


Apart from that, the split will be primarily digital. 


What new brand propositions will this campaign bring to the forefront?


The main concern in an online world is building relationships with mentors. This is the question that most students have in their minds when it comes to ed-tech. We want to instil the message that it is possible to build those relationships with Scaler’s mentors. 


We aim to kill the gap between an offline vs the online world and give students the comfort of knowing that they can build meaningful relationships with their mentors. 


When will the campaign launch, and how long will it be live?


The campaign will go live on 29 June 2022 and will run for one month. After this, we aim to research the impact and check if the consumer was able to relate to the campaign’s messaging. Then armed with the research, we will see if we need to roll out the campaign again. 


What is the ROI expected from the ad campaign? 


We are looking at three metrics. Firstly, we will be looking at mentions of how many people are searching for Scaler after this campaign. We will also be keeping track of incremental queries. 


Secondly, we will be keeping track of positive vs negative comments. It is important to get this feedback and for that, we have activated our social listening tools as well (through social media platforms). So, we are constantly trying to understand how people are talking about the brand and our messaging. If it gets too negative then it's time to address it quickly. 


Thirdly, the incremental visits we are getting on our webpage, both organically and through our campaign. 



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