Raahil Chopra
Dec 12, 2017

#Virushka 2017: Well played Manyavar?

The couple endorse ethnic wear brand Manyavar but wore Sabyasachi for the D-Day

Courtesy: Virat Kohli on Twitter
Courtesy: Virat Kohli on Twitter
Less than two months after Manyavar Mohey got them to exchange wedding vows for an advertising film, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have taken the plunge and exchanged real life wedding vows in Italy. 
Of course like all weddings, the focus was on the attire of the bride and the groom.
The fact that they endorsed a label that created ethnic wear, aroused public curiosity even further.
But on their big day Virushka chose to not put their money where their mouth is. 
Their wedding wardrobe didn't consist of Manyavar. They chose to play it safe with Sabyasachi.
But Manyavar did not lose out altogether. While news outlets and social media were talking about the couple's wedding attire, Manayavar too got its fair share of publicity. 
Prior to associating with Kohli, Manyavar was a brand for the masses. Nobody would have linked Manyavar to a star's wedding. Sabyasachi is a brand that makes its way to the glittery weddings. But, with the association just a couple of months before the wedding, the film stayed fresh in public memory. In fact, several people on social media believed the duo wore Manyavar. 
At several advertising festivals there have been experts calling for authenticity. While Kohli and Sharma weren't 'authentic' in their endorsement of Manyavar, the very fact that the duo actually exchanged wedding vows and had pictures similar to the frames in the video has helped the brand. Rest assured, Manyavar has now won the clothing mandate for the lakhs of Kohli and Sharma fans who probably can't get their hands on a Sabyasachi. 

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