Toyota targets “generation Y” for new hatchback Liva

WATCH the TVC created by Dentsu Communications here

Toyota targets “generation Y” for new hatchback Liva

Toyota Kirloskar Motors India has announced the launch of its new hatchback Liva with a “youth-centric” campaign. Dentsu Communications, the creative agency handling the account, has unveiled a TVC that aims to fulfill their need for driving of a stylish and advanced car right now  instead of waiting for  tomorrow. AR Rahman has also composed a ‘Liva anthem’ as part of the campaign.

Watch the TVC here:





The film opens on an empty road – all of a sudden, the Etios Liva enters the frame at a high speed - there are icons floating around the car. They bounce around as the car zips through the city. We see the man driving the car as it zips through the city – all around the car there are graphics and icons. A girl in the café is staring at the car – we can see the reflection of the car in the window: she sees the car and smiles – we see an emoticon over her head. The film cuts to three college kids who are standing around and chatting. They look at the car and are amazed by the styling – one of them zips out a phone and takes pictures of the car – these are then shared in the digital space – as they do so, the icons appear on their heads. The car takes a turn and enters a small alley – a woman in silhouette is taking pictures of the passing car – she too is sharing the pictures of the car in the digital space. The young man is happily driving the car around – suddenly a Facebook page pops up outside the window and the driver touches three of his friends’ pictures – these friends suddenly appear inside the car and all of them enjoy themselves in the spacious back seat. The car travels through the street and the driver suddenly gets a message on his phone: his friends have sent him pictures of the Liva and he smiles as he sees himself in the pictures. The camera shifts to the café, where his girlfriend is waiting for him  - he walks towards her with a smile on his face. 

On the thought behind this campaign, Taira Kimura, chief operating officer, Dentsu Communications said, “The Etios Liva film is all about creating the youth connect. The film therefore uses devices such as youth icons extensively to create an environment they can identify with and relate to. The film is also embellished by music specially created by A R Rahman. The graphic imagery is all related to the youth lifestyle – be it friends, dancing, sports, work, bowling, internet, music etc. The film portrays the fact that the youth of today live in the digital era and the campaign uses the digital device/ technique to create the canvas. At the center of all this action is the Etios Liva.”

He expects that the youth can share the campaign using the digital interface, and hopes that the film and video will have a viral effect in being shared among Generation-Y. “The music for ‘Baari Hamari hai’ reflects the mindset of Indian youth using Rahman. In our campaign we have maximized the utilization of the music though a music video and ringtone along with other youth contact points. This was shared though mediums that reaches out to the youth of India,” Kimura added.

Client: Toyota Kirloskar Motors India
Creative Agency: Dentsu Communications , Bangalore
Creative Team: DCPL  Bangalore Creative team
Account management: DCPL Team Toyota
Director (of the film): Manjot Bedi
Production House: 1st Avenue
Post production studio: 1st Avenue
Music: A R Rahman

Director (Music Video): Akash Reddy
Production house (Music Video): Firefly Productions

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