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Mar 28, 2014

Things They Like: Niloufer Dundh

The Ventes Dundh founder on her best holiday, why she lugs along four gadgets, and more

Things They Like: Niloufer Dundh

If there’s a lady multi-tasking between four handheld devices at the same, rather effortlessly, chances are that it’s Niloufer Dundh. The media pro turned consultant-entrepreneur’s gadgets are a Blackberry Curve (e-mails), Nokia Lumia (calls),a Samsung tab (news  and live cricket) and a Sony Vaio Ultrabook. She reasons, “For the kind of connectivity I need, the combined battery life of all of these is key!”

The best holiday she’s had was in Italy, in 2008. And the most recent, in New York in June 2013. She doesn’t like to pack too many things into one holiday and also opts to experience new places on each getaway. “New places, the cultural heritage, experiences that are off-the-beaten-track... they draw me to a place,” reveals Dundh.

What drives her within Mumbai is a Toyota Altis, while the most recent addition to the garage is an i10 – a car she can drive herself. The Altis is also the venue for a lot of her meals and tele-conferences. Comfort is key, as is evident with her fashion picks. While her shoes are from Salvatore Ferragamo or Tods, everything else in fashion she possesses are ‘wearable’ things that she’s comfortable in and can accessorise. If you ask her to name a brand, the labels would include GAP, CK - and even street clothes. And she ends up doing most of her shopping while on holiday. She prefers Hermes for its distinctive fragrance and its ‘own identity’. While with bags, the preferred tags are Marc Jacobs and Dior.

As someone who used to run everyday, a foot injury was the last thing Dundh wanted. But that hasn’t deterred or put her off the fitness schedule. From the cardio high of Zumba to the spiritual high of meditation, and yoga in between, she packs in as much as possible into a seven-day work week.

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