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Jan 14, 2016

‘The app ecosystem has finally come into its own’

What happened in 2015? What's next, in 2016? Here's what HT Media's Sanjay Trehan and Prasar Bharati's Jawhar Sircar had to say (part two)

‘The app ecosystem has finally come into its own’
We asked 25 respondents  from advertising, media, marketing and PR to tell us what they will remember 2015 by, and the trends they expect to see in 2016.
Read on for peer predictions – on agencies, long format films, the 30-seconder, digital, mobile, e-commerce, technology, people...  Here's part two.
‘The app ecosystem has finally come into its own’
Sanjay Trehan
Business head – digital content and syndication, HT Media
Mainstreaming of the Internet (massification) is one big development in 2015. Appification has played a major role in this. From government departments to public utilities to banks to eCommerce to all kinds of tactical marketing and promotional apps, it appears that the app ecosystem has finally come into its own. Yet this is just the beginning. Along with the mobile web, apps will define consumer behaviour and the focus will shift to build engagement and loyalty on the app. It is a long haul from here and new rules of the game will be written. We are set to enter an exciting phase.
Besides, 2015 saw the blossoming of the start-up ecosystem in India and they attracted funding to the tune of over USD 7 billion. Can you imagine that! This is not only great from the FDI perspective, but it could also unleash creative energies of the Indian youth and augurs well for the hopes and aspirations of the younger population.
Video is emerging as an important contributor to the content landscape in India and this is expected to grow. Video on mobile will gain velocity with the advent of 4G in the country and with increased eyeballs and consumption, new business models are also expected to emerge. Video monetisation viz. VOD has kicked in and we are already seeing eCPMs ranging from USD 3 to 5 in India. So, I expect most publishers to focus on video as a key area. This is both for desktop and mobile. The challenge, however, remains the monetisation of long-form and streaming video. The subscription model is yet to catch the fancy of the Indian consumer. I expect some development in this space too.
Another development that will gain momentum in 2016 is the monetisation of the mobile web and apps. While app monetisation has begun well, the monetisation of the mobile web will gain currency as it continues to grow and a lot of sifting will happen in the app ecosphere. With the next level of growth of Internet coming from tier 2 and tier 3 towns in India, the language web will also play an important role. How much of it will be on the app will be important to watch. In all, 2016 will be the year of the full realisation of the Internet in India.
‘Expect live streaming of TV programmes on mobile’
Jawhar Sircar
CEO, Prasar Bharati
I would remember 2015 by rural ratings and how DD (National) jumped to become the channel with most time-spent (per user). 
The one big development in the industry I expect in 2016 is 'live streaming' of TV programmes on hand-held mobile.
(Part of a feature that first appeared in the 8 January 2016 issue of Campaign India.)
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